In 2009 I Began selling christian T-Shirts out of the trunk of my mom's 1997 Nissan Maxima; With one mission in mind, to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Two years later, in 2011, with 38 cents and 4 dozen of shirts to my name I opened my First kiosk in the South Plains Mall in Lubbock Texas, it was 144 square feet where I coined the phrase, SMALL STORE - BIG MESSAGE!


After 4 years of operating what essentially became a traditional christian gift shop, selling multiple christian brands and a wide array of products (books, music, and gifts)


I disrupted everything I learned in the christian retail industry and set out to create a curated fashion brand fused with Faith to give the modern believer an avenue to make a statement and share the gospel in a fresh and fashionable way.


In 2016, 3:16 was born and quickly became More Than a Brand. It became a Lifestyle, a global movement and a staple for believers to wear their story and express their Faith.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who has inspired me, supported me, and ultimately continued to help me spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on a global scale. 


With Love,

Jaylen LaGrande

Founder, 3:16

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