Psalm 23 Bomber Jacket - Platinum


The Lord is your Shepherd. He watches over your steps, paves the way forward, and protects you from behind. He has called you and chosen you for such a time as this. ... He wants to provide for you - and provide the way for you to grow, prosper, and prosper others through you. 

God is calling you to carry His presence with love and power - encourage yourself, declare your faith and share His power with this High End Black Label Collection - A Psalm 23 Premium All Over Print Bomber Jacket. 


  • A fully custom-created 100% polyester jacket: Uniquely made, soft, and beautiful from every angle. 
  • Silver color palette
  • Silver lining: We lined the jacket with something that would express God's beauty and excellence. 
  • Custom 3:16 zipper, 3:16 hem tag, and black label: Remember that He loves you, loves the world, and wants you to share that.
Nieshela B.
I bought this jacket for my husband’s birthday and he loved it!!
Angela D.
This jacket is stunning! Not only is it well-made, it's striking both on camera and in person. I wore this to share a video update with our church after my husband, our Lead Pastor, and several team members became sick with COVID. I encouraged them that as Christ-followers, our silver lining is the confidence that God promises purposes out of pain.
Quantina S.
I absolutely LOVE my jacket! I haven't officially worn it, however I know I will get lots of compliments, as I already have just showing it to some family and friends. Thanks and I will make further purchases and refer others to you!
Lavivian L.
I love my jacket I over 100 comments asking where I purchase my jacket from came very quick and great quality
Tina L.
I love my jacket! Great quality and design! Thanks!
Carolyn C.
Perfect love it Thank
Lydia W.
I Love this gear, nothing like sporting the word for strength and conviction. i would Love some overalls to wear. Keep up the good work Jaylen! I too have an 18 yr. old artist with the same name as you, cool!
Typh K.
I LOVE this company, this quality made jacket & the all around professionalism from start to finish! Fast shipping & GREAT packaging!! Thank YOU for stepping out on Faith! Excellent brand!
Amber C.
It was a gift she loves it
Gina E.
Love love love this site. I will keep buying.
Sheila S.
What a dope jacket!!! Definitely considering getting another one in another color! Quality is excellent. Can't wait for the fall!!
Beautiful!! Stylish!! Conversation starter!!!
Christine N.
I love love love the jacket but there was two thread sticking closer to the zipper and pulled it and it frayed a bit. But other than that I love the jacket.
Tanya R.
I love my Platinum jacket! It’s simply beautiful! I own the rose gold jacket and will purchase the purple jacket as well! Excellent quality and fast shipping! Thanks 3:16!
Brandon V.
Much Love to my brother Jaylen keep going forward see you whenever you come to Detroit
Tabby V.
It's for my momma and u know she is going to love it!!!