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    Much More than a Brand

     People often ask me, “Why 3:16? Of all the verses in the Bible, why did you choose 3:16? And which 3:16 are you referring to? Why didn’t you include that in the actual store name?”

         Our store name is based on John 3:16. But I didn’t just want to call the store John 3:16 because I think it takes away from the powerful ministry that goes forth when people just see the numbers “3:16” plastered onto a storefront or the mall directory. Believers almost immediately gather the context that we’re a Christian store. However, for those not yet a part of the faith, it sparks curiosity, causes them to walk into the store with questions, and instantly gives us the ability to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

         As a child, I was so excited to share the Gospel with others. Sometimes, sharing the Gospel led to heated debates. One time, I came home so discouraged that I couldn’t get the message of Jesus Christ across to a particular person. After arguing over Scriptures for hours, I felt like I had lost the battle. After talking with my grandma and her sister (Aunt Mable), I remember them reinforcing to me, “The only Scripture you can share with a nonbeliever is John 3:16. Until they understand that, the rest of the Bible won’t make sense.”

         Something clicked in me that day. I strongly believe that John 3:16 is the foundation of our faith because without love and God loving us enough to send His Son, without believing in the sacrifice His son Jesus made for us on the cross, there is no Gospel. There is no faith, and there is no message to promote. That’s why we became 3:16. Everything we believe stems from John 3:16, and that verse also holds true to everything we strive to be about: love, sacrifice, faith, and eternal life. The Gospel is such a beautiful thing, and we enjoy being able to share that in a unique way as a staple in shopping centers throughout Texas.


         3:16 is so much more than numbers. It’s more than a Scripture. It’s more than our brand. It’s a lifestyle.


    Jaylen LaGrande

    Chief Steward/Visionary

    3:16 Collection


    Humble Beginnings

    As far as humble beginnings go, we’ve held the title in Spades. In 2009, I received the call to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by witnessing to sinners and saints alike, while actively witnessing this faith through Christian apparel. With just one phone call and a set of car keys, I started designing t-shirts and distributing them from the trunk of my mother's 1997 Nissan Maxima. It all started with the No Weapon/God's Got My Back t-shirt.

    As time and brand awareness grew, the first physical store I was blessed to open was a 12 X 12 temporary kiosk-like store, which was located in the walkway in the South Plains Mall. At the time, I had 38 cents in my bank account. I invested nothing but my faith. That small store, which had a big message, became a hub for believers and non-believers alike to gather and witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At 19 years old, I stepped into my calling as a Marketplace Minister, not knowing how much impact this ministry would birth through my burning desire to share the Gospel in a modern way. We’ve literally changed hundreds of thousands of lives.

    In three short months, Religious Expressions went from being a temporary pop-up shop, to a permanent storefront within the mall. We expanded into a space that was 10 times that of the kiosk, now working in 1400 square footage! Additionally, the original contract for the space was only for two months; however, we remained positioned for four years! A remarkable testament to incredible faith! A testament filled with many great successes and challenges, but most importantly, thousands of people giving their lives to Christ throughout the Lubbock and Amarillo Malls where Religious Expressions operated two stores.

    In January of 2016, Religious Expressions became 3:16. With the new name came a new direction, a new mandate—but the mission remains the same. Currently, we are refining the brand, and growing rapidly throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


    Jaylen LaGrande

    Chief Steward/Visionary

    3:16 Collection