• Psalm 23 Rose Gold Bomber Jacket , Black
  • Psalm 23 Rose Gold Bomber Jacket , Black

Psalm 23 Rose Gold Bomber Jacket , Black


The Lord is your Shepherd. He watches over your steps, paves the way forward, and protects you from behind. He has called you and chosen you for such a time as this. ... He wants to provide for you - and provide the way for you to grow, prosper, and prosper others through you. 

God is calling you to carry His presence with love and power - encourage yourself, declare your faith and share His power with this High End Black Label Collection - A Psalm 23 Premium All Over Print Bomber Jacket. 


  • A fully custom-created 100% polyester jacket: Uniquely made, soft, and beautiful from every angle. 
  • Rose gold color palette: A symbol and declaration that He makes roses bloom in the desert (Isaiah 35:1) and grow beautifully even in the valleys (Song of Sol 2:1). 
  • Pink lining: We lined the jacket with something that would express God's beauty and excellence. 
  • Custom 3:16 zipper, 3:16 hem tag, and black label: Remember that He loves you, loves the world, and wants you to share that.
Amanda P.
This jacket makes a statement y’all! It’s so flattering and beautiful! It also breaks the ice to talk about Jesus. Highly recommend.
Naim F.
Jae C.
I love it!
Kayla C.
Love this Jacket. It is comfortable and keeps me warm in the cold AC. And I love it because it has an inspiring scripture that can be used to plant seeds in people’s mind and hearts of God’s goodness. Also, I am a sucker for pink! Lol I got size small and it is the perfect size as it gives me wiggle room.
Micole W.
The quality and look of the material is excellent.
Tinisha W.
I love it and it came earlier than expected and it fit perfect.❤️❤️
Maria A.
Love it
Susie S.
Shipping was good, quality of the jacket is beautiful... lots of compliments come with wearing it ☺️
Dashaun S.
Shanequa H.
Keshaune P.
I love this jacket
Jessica D.
I love this jacket and can’t wait to wear it out. It looks stylish and I love that I am wrapped in scripture. It is a wonderful talking point and the colour is stunning. It also feels comfortable on and there is room for a long sleeved layer underneath if needed too. Thank you to the creators of this jacket, I am very impressed.
Avis G.
I love my jacket haven't worn it yet because it's hot it fits perfectly.
I have had so many compliments. I’m in love with the color.
Cora L.
I didn’t get a chance to wear my jacket yet but I love it and it is true to size. I will Happily refer others to your business, want to encourage you to keep moving forward, I praise GOD for you
Patrice M.
All I will say is that I was not disappointed. The Jacket is perfect and so was delivery. I am so impressed that I have ordered several other pieces.
Edward A.
I am infatuated with the rose Gold Silk jacket everywhere the material is high quality.
Angela R.
I got this bomber jacket for my husband. I didn’t realize it was in women’s sizing so initially was too small. I threw away packaging so I had to email to see how to exchange for larger size. Everything was prompt and clear. Husband absolutely loves it!
The jacket fits perfectly. It's soft, super comfortable and the rose gold will brighten up any room.
Sophia W.
I love the color and the size. The Rose Gold is so Beautiful. I can't wait to sport this Jacket...this fall 2020/Winter 2020 with some High Top White Air Force Ones and Butter Timberlands.
Jasmin V.
The 23rd Psalm is one of my favorite. Seeing the words on this lovely piece is icing on the cake. It connected well to my theme for my birthday announcement and hashtag for the summer.
Sharhonda G.
Awesome customer service
Sharhonda G.
Love love love my jackets
Tori C.
This jacket is every bit as lovely as the photo. I love it!
RhanekaRhana H.
I ordered this Jacket for My 94 year old Grandmother and she hasn't stopped smiling since. She LOVES IT!!!!
Paris R.
I’ve been wanting this jacket for a while can’t wait to wear excellent quality!!!
April M.
I ordered the Psalm 23 rose gold bomber jacket for my Sister’s birthday and she LOVED it! Aside from the message and design being excellent, the quality of the jacket was also worth the purchase. Not to mention, customer service was on point! I will def be ordering from this site for myself in the future. Keep up the great work and keep spreading the love of God. ❤️
Asuntae F.
I love the jacket, it’s absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly!
Latoya D.
Love my jacket. I weigh 160lbs, so I got the medium and it fits great.
Jason A.
I got this as a birthday gift for my wife and she absolutely loves it! She said it's the best jacket she's ever gotten! I will definitely be getting more items from the 3:16 Collection!!!
Regina L.
The shipping times were on point and the quality of the clothing is perfect!
Kimberly T.
First I would like to say Thank You for delivering my product in a timely manner. I love that it was package with care. I love the quality and comfort of my Jacket! I have gotten so many great compliments on my jacket! 3:16 collection has me as a customer for life! May God Continue to bless you and your staff abundantly!!!
Angel B.
This is thebaecond jacket i have ordered. The jacket was a gift for my sister. She Loved it.
Katrina p.
I love you what you doing MAY CONTINUED TO BLESS YOU I LOVE MY PSALM 23 Pink jacket
kim m.
Absolutely adore! Dress up or down! Perfect jacket
Vicmary R.
Im in love with this jacket. Is beautiful and the quality is amazing. This is my 2nd purcgase from here and I will do it again. Thanks and God bless you all!
Guerdy Z.
I love this jacket!
Charissa R.
Lots of positive comments
Jeninifer M.
I got stopped so many times about this jacket. It’s gorgeous in person ❤️
Divine W.
With COVID-19 still being an issue, I have yet to wear this beautifully made jacket. I tend to wash everything I wear outside to keep me and my family safe and I do not want to mess this jacket up. I am truly looking forward to wearing this. The color is beautiful and the message on the jacket is life changing! I cannot wait...
Paula B.
So beautiful!!!!
Janee M.
Love the quality and look of this jacket. I bought two. The rose and gold colors.
Alexandra A.
Did photoshoot with these matching jackets LOVE THEM SO MUCH
S.L. C.
The quality, style, and fit is perfect! I don't care to order online due to a variety of issues but this experience and the product itself has renewed my faith in online shopping. I love stylishly telling the world about my Christ Jesus! It's a great statement piece that initiates conversation of praise and/or into an opportunity for evangelism.
Haleigh J.
It’s an amazing jacket. I love it.
Josue C.
Loveee thissss jacketttt it’s FiRe
Alexandra A.
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ! Got the jacket and Isaiah shirt my fav Christian company! God bless!
Shierla P.
It was exactly what I expected! Thank you!!!!
Quality is excellent. I simply love my jacket.
Vivica S.
I love my shirt and bomber jacket! I have yet to wear them both, but can't wait until I'm able to. I will be ordering again, soon!
Yasmeen N.
This is a beautiful jacket... I love the scriptures and rose color!!! I got lots of compliments!!!
Tish C.
The process and product exceeded my expectations. I’m a carrier of the Word and live a life reflecting it to the best of my abilities... I LOVE my jacket!!!
Sherine G.
Love the bomber jacket, especially the color. I had to get another one for my mom after she saw mine.
Monica M.
Love this jacket!!!!
Andrea Y.
Love it, I received this a Mother’s Day gift from my son. I absolutely, Love it. I haven’t had a chance to actually wear it yet. Due to it being hot outside, along with not having anywhere to go during these unfortunate time with the pandemic. But, I know when the weather permits. I will be wearing it everywhere. Great quality as well.
Janeia S.
The jacket is everything I expect and more. I absolutely love it
LaKeisha B.
23rd Psalm is one of my favorite scriptures. I shall lack nothing. I purchased 2 jackets and love them.
Daqueline H.
Love the jacket and the color and the word of the Lord's prayer!
Jennifer L.
I absolutely LOVE my rose gold bomber jacket! It is so beautiful! The picture on the site doesn't do it justice! Its gorgeous! Can't wait to wear it! Beautifully made!
Tanya L.
My mom loved it
Kerby T.
This jacket is such a conversation starter. A whole testimony. I love it so much, I need a black one. It’s a great reminder
Cintina K.
The jacket is just awesome
Shaquana J.
I absolutely love this jacket. Psalm 23 was my grandmother favorite scripture.
Ulandis F.
My wife can’t go anywhere without her jacket. She’s the reason I had to get her another one in a different color. She loves it!
Frieda C.
This jacket is amazing!!
Natasha A.
I saw this jacket on Instagram, I’ve been burned too many times with fake companies and poor quality products that look nothing like what I ordered! I wanted it so bad but I wasn’t going to step out on faith. I asked if anyone had purchased and received the jacket. Someone from 3:16 responded assuring me the company was above board. I said well if this is fake they’re going to have to deal with the Lord! Praise God the jacket came as pictured! The quality is OUTSTANDING and I’m in love with this jacket! Oh and when I say the jacket arrived, it actually arrived quick fast and in a hurry! Awesome experience all the way around!
Seanesty R.
Yaveyca M.
This Jacket is absolutely beautiful! Also, Customer Service is great!! I am extremely happy with my purchase! ☺
Kendalyn G.
I was very please with the jacket. The shipping was timely. The jacket not only looks nice it is made of quality material. The customer service was excellent and the company is humble. For someone who enjoys fashion and loves the Lord this jacket has become one of my favorite pieces.
Ndyanao N.
Love the jacket!!!!
Corey B.
Great gift for my sister!
Grace S.
I love the jacket it was speaking to me I loved the fact that yall are welling to be used by God to speak his word, you may say to your self how does a jacket make a difference trust me does more then you know, know more then ever before thank you so much
I absolutely love this jacket and the biblical text on my back makes it even better. In these hard times when I am at work I go into the office and when I see my coat it gives me strength to keeping going. I have gotten so many compliments size fits great. Love it...
Chamell P.
I like it!
I brought this for my Pastor for Mother's Day. She has yet to receive her gift due to Covid-19... were meeting up tommorrow when she wears it I will send it to her.
Donysha G.
Beautiful jacket. Love it
LaFondra E.
I thought it was heavier but I like
Edward S.
Amazing quality!! Can’t wait to share my faith this jacket is so fly and shopping was so fast!!
Temperence V.
The jacket is just as beautiful as I imagined! What a beautiful message!
Nadine R.
I love the jacket . The fabric is so high quality and it fits perfect . So true to size and just super nice.
Sparkle W.
I came across this jacket right before Mother’s Day and immediately I knew it was the perfect gift for my mom who is a great Woman of God. She loves it and now we’ll have to love it together because I’m definitely getting one for myself lol ☺️!
Chipo M.
May God bless you!!!!
Terrence F.
I absolutely love this jacket
Harissa B.
I absolutely love my Jacket & Receive so many compliments on a daily basis!
Kelly .
Latrise M.
I love my jacket and so did my friends as well as strangers. It was true to size, the material was great! All around perfect buy!
Willow P.
My mom is a pastor and she absolutely loved it !!
Shellisa B.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE My Jacket! It’s the middle of May and I still try to find a reason to wear it! You are literally wrapped/covered in the word of God and there is no place I’d rather be!!
Paulette E.
Loved this item, I get great complimants
Alecia G.
Part 2 Rear picture of this conversational jacket!! With Pastor Alecia..
Alecia G.
I love my jacket!!! Pastor Alecia!! My son gifted to me!!
Kahiea T.
Great experience
Charita M.
Love the material!
Jacquelyn P.
Beautiful color! Material is good quality. I love rocking it and the fit was spot on.
Anel W.
It’s beautiful
Angela M.
I absolutely couldn’t wait to get this jacket. I’m so excited to wear it a share the gospel. Thank you so much
Annie P.
I bought it for my favorite grand daughter. She loves it. Wears it often. Told me she was shopping and got compliments and Inquiries as to where she purchased the jacket.
Kiarra B.
I love the jacket. Lot of complements. I could of went down a size but overall it still fits and I’m very happy with my purchase.
Laquitta P.
Super Cute!!!
Rose S.
This jacket is so dope! I love it!!